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Defining weekend for season 2012 is here

Good news folks. Lower than expected temps over the alpine region today has seen snow bucketing down and with further snow showers forecast tomorrow, the weekend is shaping up to be one of the best this season. In fact, with a freezing level of 700 metres, it wouldn’t surprise me if tomorrow they were putting chains on outside the front of the shop!

The ski hire continues to perform to expectations. Good snow at the beggining of the school holidays saw large numbers of people through the shop. The middle weekend again saw the Mtn closing at approx 11 am yet our customers were still able to get through our shop with all their gear in approx15 minutes.

The cafe/bar was opened inline with the commencement  of the school holidays. Initially serving light lunches and coffee it has since progressed to opening for regular trade on Friday and Saturday night’s. Indeed, last weekend was its first and coincided with a letter drop by the local postie on the day before. 53 pizzas in total. Not a bad opener and no one that we are aware of got sick!

The shop was also recently paid a visit by the Oakley Canon’s Soccer Club. 2 coach loads through the ski hire and 28 pizzas on return. Thanks to John and the committee for their continued support. A wonderful club with great leadership and community support. Now if only we could get some decent snow for you guys!      


A big thanks to all the Cross Country Ski Hire staff who have worked tirelessly and with great flexibility during an indifferent season. So get in early this weekend to avoid the disappointment of potentially another Mtn closure day and with snow continuing to fall, it’s shaping up to be a magic weekend.

Cheers. Grego


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