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Job’s done….

That’s it. As the snow season comes to an end for 2013 just a quick word of thanks to those who came through Marysville to Lake Mtn.

Weather wise, it certainly was a challenging one with a late start and an early finishing in-line with record July and September temps. In-between, good snowfalls quickly followed up by rain seemed to be the order. Oh, and there was the power failure one weekend for 21 hours. Anyway, plenty of manmade snow ensured tobogganing and snowplay was still plentiful. Heaps of people through the shop with some well known faces offering their support.


Elevation 423
A successful first winter with large numbers enjoying the convienence of local food. Having attained our gereral licence it now probably is fair to say that we are the local pub. Set to continue to operate over summer it’s now time to lift the blinds and open the doors to the deck.

Also, thanks to the team. Look forward to seeing all in 2014 or pop in and say hi if you’re in Marysville over summer.


Cheers. Grego
Go Hawks

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