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Fitting snow chains to an AWD car in heavy snow
In terms of snow driving, the 21km road from Marysville to Lake Mountain can become treacherous in wintry conditions. You should be smooth and gentle when you accelerate, turn corners and brake, even if you’re in a 4WD or AWD car.

Driving the Lake Mountain road

The 21km road from Marysville to Lake Mountain is a relatively easy road to drive but it can become treacherous in wintry conditions. The lower part of the road has steep sections of around 10%, which, when icy or wet, can easily catch out novice drivers who accelerate too hard or brake too sharply and late.

Snow driving tips

The top half of the road is not as steep but there are sharp corners, it’s often foggy with low visibility, and there may be snow or slush on the road. It’s crucial that you take your time and arrive safely. You can always pull over safely and let other vehicles pass if you feel like you’re holding others up.

4WD/AWD vehicles do not usually need to carry chains to Lake Mountain but Lake Mountain Resort sometimes requires 2WD vehicles to carry chains. They let us know daily so ask us when you arrive at our shop.

We will help you with the right size for your car and show you how to fit them. You’ll be told when to fit chains by mountain staff or temporary road signage on the road. You don’t need to fit them in Marysville!

We hope those tips help you plan your day. If you have any questions about what to expect or what to plan, just drop us a line. We’ll be happy to help!