Ski tuning and workshop

Cross Country Ski Hire Marysville is the first and only Lake Mountain-based operator to use ski waxing machines for a consistent application on our hire skis!

All skis require maintenance. Waxless ski bases can dry out causing the base to oxidise. Waxing aims to reduce friction by making the ski base repel water that contains dirt and oils which create resistance. Dirty oxidized skis are slower and harder to turn, creating more work for the skier. A bit like trying to ride a bike with flat tyres!

Wintersteiger Montana ski waxing

Applying wax effectively is a bit of an art form. Home DIY-ers have traditionally used a waxing iron and elbow grease, but this method is difficult to get right for all but racing technicians as unstable temperatures and variable pass speeds can miss sections or even damage the base. Consider the base of a ski as being like a pebbly beach, where the aim of applying wax is to get a deep penetration in and around the crevasses rather than leaving it sitting on top. The home DIY waxing iron option – even in the hands of an expert – is never going to achieve the same sort of finish as a pro-level machine like our Wintersteiger or Montana.

Different waxes are used for different conditions. Australian Alpine conditions vary across a wide temperature range, so we use Swix F4 Fluorinated universal wax as this offers excellent water repellency with a high resistance to dirt and oils. Swix F4 is well-suited to the types of conditions we experience here in Victoria.

wintersteiger montana ski waxing and tuning at Cross Country Ski Hire Marysville

Our Wintersteiger Wax Jet and the latest infrared Montana Race Waxer machines are well-known in the XC industry for their smooth finish and excellent glide characteristics. We maintain all our hire skis using these machines so you can be guaranteed the highest quality skis every time you hire.

While-you-wait wax and polish service

This season we’re happy to offer an while-you-wait wax and polish service for just $20, but you’ll need to pre-book. Call Greg on 0431 142267 for more info.

If you want maximum glide and speed from your skis, bring them to the team at Cross Country Ski Hire in Marysville.