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Rental Price List for the 2019 Season



Our package deals are designed to get your whole family set up with the right clothing and equipment for a great day out at a great price.
Kids Snowplay PackageKids Insulated PackageAdults Insulated PackageFamily Snowplay Package

Jackets and Pants

Jackets and Pants

All our jackets, pants and all-in-ones are 10,000mm waterproof/breathable. On sunny days adults and older children should be comfortable in the non-insulated gear (provided you wear appropriate base-layers and mid-layers), but on colder days we recommend the insulated jackets and pants. Toddlers and juniors will need our insulated all-in-one suits.

Item1 day
Snow boots$10
Jacket only$12
Non-insulatedStorm coat$10
Snow boots$8

Additional days = 10% discount on daily rate

Gloves, Goggles, Beanies, Scarves

Gloves, goggles, beanies, scarves

For hygiene reasons we can’t hire out gloves, goggles, beanies or scarves, but in store we stock a great selection of quality gloves from XTM for adults and children. We also sell a selection of goggles, sunglasses, beanies, waxes, scarves, hand and boot warmers, thermals and other essentials for your day at the snow.

Adults waterproof and insulated XTM gloves (S, M, L)Budget$13.99
Le Star, Le Triomphe$29.99
Children’s waterproof and insulated XTM mitts and gloves (XS, 2XS, 3XS)Budget (mitts)$12.99
Xpress (gloves)$16.99
Tiny Tots (mitts)$16.99
Zoom (mitts and gloves)$24.99


Item1 day
Scoop toboggan$8
Carve toboggan$10
Zipfy Junior toboggan$10
Zipflracer toboggan$15
Super Carve toboggan$20
Snow shoes and ski poles$18
Snow Chains

Snow chains

Unlike other Victorian snowfields, visitors to Lake Mountain are only required to carry and fit chains when Lake Mountain Resort deems it necessary. This applies to 2WD and 4WD/AWD vehicles. Please check with us on the day to find out whether chains will be required. We have over 250 sets of chains, so provided you are here early enough on the day you can be confident that we will have some for you.

Item1 day
Wheel chains$30

Additional days = 10% discount on daily rate

XC Skis, Boots & Poles

XC Skis, Boots & Poles

Our cross country skis, boots and poles are from high quality brands such as Fischer and Madshus. We maintain the skis to an excellent standard right here in our shop on our Wintersteiger Wax Jet and infrared Montana Race Waxer machines.

We also offer a great value wax and tuning service for your skis – please call us for more information.

Item1 day
AdultsSkis only$20
Boots only$20
Poles only$10
Skis, boots & polesStandard$30
Advanced, performance, skating$40
ChildrenSkis only$20
Boots only$20
Poles only$10
Skis, boots & polesStandard$25
Ski wax and tuneWhile you wait waxingCall us
TuneCall us

Advance reservations

We don’t offer phone reservations on clothing or equipment because we can’t accurately gauge the sizes you need over the phone. But we have more stock than anyone else and sizes ranging from the littlest kids up to 9XL, so you can be confident that we’ll be able to meet your needs.

If you any questions about the equipment or clothing please call us on 0431 142267 or 03 5963 3322.

Large groups – discount and conditions

Groups of 20 or more people are eligible for a 10% discount off snow play clothing and equipment, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Deposit requirements for large groups: 50% of total booking by credit card security is required to secure reservation. Please call the shop on 03 5963 3322 to arrange this. Payment can be made using all credit cards excepting Diners Club and American Express.
  • Cancellation policy for large groups:
    • More than 7 days prior to booked date: your deposit will be returned if cancellation occurs more than 7 days prior to the booked date.
    • Within 7 days of booked date: cancellation within 7 days of the booked date will incur a $200 cancellation fee. If an alternative date during the season can be arranged, the cancellation fee will be waived.
    • No show: This will result in a loss of your deposit.